As a group, we aim to carry out high quality research and disseminate our findings in scientific journals but we are also fully committed to communicating our findings to the general public through multiple Outreach schemes.

Undergraduate Open Days at UEA

Undergraduate Open Days offer a great opportunity to influence potential scientists. If you come along to School of Biological Science you will find us waiting for you to tell you all about the smell of the sea, bacteria, DNA and much more! Click here to know more about Open Days with the Lab 1.29.

Six Week Work Placements for 6th Form Students

To allow potential young scientists and/or science communicators to develop their skills, we have two complementary 6-week work placements for local 6th form students over the summer vacation. This initiative is funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Nuffield Foundation Scholarship Scheme

We regularly host students through the “Nuffield Foundation Scholarship Scheme”. In the summer of 2014, we hosted Jenna Hatch for 4 weeks in the lab. Jenna’s project was to isolate bacteria from seawater that can grow on the important marine sulphur compounds DMSP and DMS.


My lab members and I annually take part in CSI UEA, which this year saw the BIO teaching laboratories transformed into a Crime scene and Crime lab, as some year 11 & 12’s from Springwood High school/Sixth Form in Kings Lynn came to investigate. This year I played the role of Jonny Sprocket and was harshly interrogated by the sixth form students. Despite being not guilty, the students still found it in their heart to charge me with grievous bodily harm!

Local school visits

We go to local schools to run activities to try and engage the students with science in general, but also teach them about what is being done in our lab. In the past, these activities have included pupils taking a sample of their cheek cells and looking at them under a microscope, or designing their own bacterium – either on paper or with sweets! These activities are also funded by NERC.