Jon Todd gives lectures and/or practical sessions in the School of Biological Sciences at UEA on the teaching units listed below and is also unit organiser for BIO-3C10.

  • BIO-3C10 Microbial Cell Biology
  • BIO-3C41 Genomes, Genes and Genomics
  • BIO-3D1Y Research Project
  • BIO-4001A Biodiversity
  • BIO-4008Y Skills for Biologists
  • BIO-4009Y Foundations for Chemistry and Physiology
  • BIO-5003B Molecular Biology
  • BIO-5015B Microbiology

We also host undergraduate and postgraduate students to do their projects

Undergraduate students

Every year we host third year students for ~8 weeks during their research projects, but we also have students doing work experience in the lab during their summer break. In summer 2014, Ned Peel, a 3rd year student, did a project investigating the factors involved in the regulation of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase genes in marine bacteria.

MSc students

2015/2016 – Leanne Sims
2012/2013 – Ana Bermejo Martinez worked on a project to investigate the genes involved in the synthesis of the osmolyte glycine betaine in diatoms, an important group of phytoplankton.
2011/2012 – Oliver Burns worked on a project to identify, from metagenomic libraries, genes involved in the detoxification of acrylate, a breakdown product of DMSP.
2010/2011 – Malaka DaSilva